February 2013 to March 2013

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Not much to report on my own personal projects this month, however Nottingham Photographers’ Hub has just been awarded 3 years funding from Children In Need to work with young people (NEET) using photography to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


Attended and passed a First Aid training course this month, just one of the many things you need to do when running a business!

I held a workshop for beginners in photography at the Brakenhurst Photography society, which is part of Trent University. The training was well attended and I received some complementary feedback from the organiser.

abstract-9 18.32.03

One of my images was selected for The South Holland exhibition in Spalding which ran from 27th February to 7th March


Eveston castle-3

Visited Elvaston castle in Derbyshire for the first time as part of the Nottingham Photographers’ Hub workshops. I will go back with my camera in hand

Heard from De Montford University, Leicester this month that I have been accepted onto their MA Photography course starting in September 2013, I’m really looking forward to it.

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December 2012 to January 2013

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How could I forget the ‘4am project’, I was there on Sunday 25th November with a group of 30 other photographers in the pouring rain, taking part in the worldwide event. Although soaked, tired, hungry by the end, it was great and I will be there next year.

4 am project_Nottingham-21

Lead free photojournalism workshop on behalf of the Media Trust’s Cam360 project, which aims to get professional journalists and citizen journalists working together on crowd-sourced citizen photojournalism.

Media Trust is the UK’s leading communications charity and comments:

“Citizen journalists had been telling us that their work had sometimes been used by the press without them being properly paid or credited”



Passed the community 17 seater bus driving test this month, so look out for me as I drive our workshop participants around different locations in the Midlands.

What a great day being one of the selection panel for the Harley Gallery Open 2013, over 500 entries and only 120 entries could be selected. The standard of work was high and I suggest you visit the gallery to view the exhibition from 26th Jan to 17th March.


Harley Gallery Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 3LT

Having to concentrate on establishing Nottingham Photographers’ Hub during 2012, I at last had time to put together a portfolio of my work and attended a BIPP portfolio review. Although nervous, I was soon discussing my approach to photography with Stuart Wood FBIPP, who was able to provide me with some useful advice to help develop my style.

landscape 8

October to November 2012

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Had two half day Photoshop montage training with Natalia Ivchenko. Natalia is very knowledgable and I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to improve their technique.

man_on_bench image by Natalia Ivchenko

Nottingham Photographers’ Hub have been chosen by  www.photovoice.org to be part of a UK program to carry out workshops with young people between the ages of 17 to 25 to highlight and raise the issues experienced by them in the UK. The images produced will then be exhibited in Liverpool and London, with the completed works handed into government.

Lookout Uk - Liverpool small

Nottingham Photographers’ Hub were awarded an European Social Fund grant to complete a 10 week workshop programme with Mental Health service users, at the end of which we held an exhibition at our gallery of their completed work and an audience of 70 people attended the award ceremony.

The ‘Raw Collective’ final exhibition was held this month at the City Gallery in Nottingham city centre. The collective have been exhibiting their photography in various galleries in Nottingham for the past 6 years, however due to us all having other commitments, we have decided to stay as a collective but no longer hold group exhibitions.

Nottingham Photographers’ Hub have been awarded a three-year grant by the Big Lottery to work with Mental Health service users, to build confidence, self esteem through the medium of photography.

Portraits taken for Bromley House Library exhibition ‘…Some heavy business’ November 2012 to January 2013


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August 2012 to September 2013

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Summer holiday time!

August 2012
With great trepidation I was asked to carry out two weeks jury service at Nottingham Crown Court. Although most of the time you are sitting around waiting to be chosen as part of a jury, the experience did bring home to me the importance of the general public being part of the judicial system.

September 2012

The young people who attended our photography workshops in 2012 , which was funded by Children in Need had their work exhibited at the Bonnington gallery ( Nottingham Trent University) during the World Event Young Artist this month. The event attracted 1000 participants from around the world and we at Nottingham Photographers’ Hub exhibited 6 artists work in our gallery space.


Perhaps the last Art on the Square event on Nottingham Old Market Square took place this month. The original idea was to have an event for 2D artists to sell their work directly to the public and although there were a hard core of artists that developed their skills of talking to and selling their work to customers, not enough 2D artists rose to the challenge. Therefore the event may not continue in 2013.

Central College Nottingham (ex South Notts College) started their 10 week photography beginners course at the Nottingham Photographer’ Hub this month. There are at least 2 more courses planned for 2013.

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Free Photojournalism Workshop

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Find out how to take good photographs, how to tell a news story with a photograph, and how to sell your images to the press.

This workshop is part of Media Trust’s Cam360 project, which aims to get professional journalists and citizen journalists working together on crowd-sourced citizen photojournalism.

The training is part of the Media Trust’s International Press Institute funded news innovation project to create an iPhone app that will allow news organisations, including hyperlocal media to create photo opportunities for images, which citizens can then respond to and upload to the app. Citizens will also be able to sell photographs to professional journalists should they want to use them in their publications.

The training will cover:

  • What is Cam360?
  • Capturing a story
  • Captioning and tagging
  • Uploading and Selling
  • Responsible photographer – Ethics and Legalities

The session will be lead by Nottingham Photographers’ hub and supported by the Charity Photovoice

To register your interest, indicating why you would like to be considered,

contact: mervyn@nphub.org.uk,      telephone: 07502 117744

We only have limited places on this course and all participants will need to bring along their digital camera and/or their smart phone and, if possible a laptop.

The training will take place between 2pm to 5pm on Thursday December 6th.

Location: Studio P, 69-73 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 3BB

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April to July 2012

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It’s holiday time and I have time to update my blog after being let off early from jury service!

April 2012

During April, most of my time was taken up planning and leading two workshops:

  • Children in Need – Photography workshops for disadvantaged children in the community.
  • ‘Shared Art gallery experiences’ project in partnership with the Harley Gallery and supported by the Arts Council, England – The aim of the workshop was to engage KS2 children from four schools in the Northern area of Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire, who may not have had the opportunity to visit art galleries

Both were going well and exhibitions of the work was being planned for May.

May 2012

With my support three participants from the ‘Children in Need’ workshops won the photography section of the ‘Nottingham Young Creative Awards’


We also had the group Exhibition of their work at the NPHub gallery in Nottingham, which was enjoyed by their family and friends.

During May the Raw Collective had a group photography trip to Liverpool, for many of us it was our first time to the city and we were impressed by the harbour side development.

In May was also the ‘Shared Art gallery experiences’ exhibition at the Harley gallery. 90 children took part exhibiting their collective mosaics and photo films. Teachers, family and friends attended the preview evening and during the period of the exhibition nearly 9,000 people either visited or viewed the installation via the Harley gallery website.

Photofilm – https://vimeo.com/41974610

June 2012

I was pleased again to be selected to exhibit my latest work at the Nottingham University Open Exhibition, the work not yet shown on my website is influenced by the Fauves and their use of vibrant colours and my move away from the traditional forms of photography.

I would recommend Chester Zoo for a family visit, we visited the zoo to evaluate whether it was a suitable venue to take the next group of children as part of the ‘Children in Need’ workshops planned in July, having decided that London would be to busy due to the Olympics. We thought it was a great day out, I hope they do!

July 2012

The visit to Chester Zoo was a success, many pictures taken and a great time was had by all. The ‘Children in Need’ group exhibition will take place during the World Event Young Artists (WEYA), which is the first of its kind and will take place in the Nottingham in September 2012.

WEYA – http://worldeventyoungartists.com

Finally, I was asked to be a judge for the Harley Gallery Open Exhibition which is in January 2013, I am honoured to be asked and I am looking forward to it.

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February / March 2012

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I started this blog just over a year ago promising myself that I would update it every week, this quickly became per month, now it looks like every two months. So much has happened where do I begin!

I mentioned on the last blog that we the Nottingham Photographers’ hub had just  received funding from Children in need to run photography workshops for disadvantaged children in the community. Since the middle of February we have been running two courses per week. more info at nphub.org.uk  We have also held an exhibition for the NTU second year photography students in march.

During the Rashid Rana exhibition at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham I was offered and accepted to be part of their experiMENTOR programme, which is a creative development initiative that allows artists to experiment at all stages of their career, and to increase their skills and experiences. In March I lead a walk & talk tour of the exhibition (a first time for me) and  I lead a workshop based on creating mosaics from photographs. More opportunities to come in the future!

negotiations have gone well with NCC and Art on the Square (AOTS) will start again on Sunday 22nd April 2012 on the old market square, Nottingham. We had a warm up event during the Nottingham night light in February, which proved to be popular for the artists and public who visited the stalls

Started the ‘Shared Art gallery experiences’ project in partnership with the Harley Gallery and supported by the Arts Council, England in March,

The aim of the activity is to engage KS2 children from four schools in the Northern area of Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire, who may not have had the opportunity to visit art galleries and produce a Photofilm (still images with audio) and a mounted display of their journey as they explore the Harley Gallery, Welbeck; New Art Exchange, Hyson Green, Nottingham and Nottingham Contemporary in terms of their different artistic approach and culturally diverse locations.

The preview evening at the Harley Gallery on Tuesday 1st May (3.30pm to 6.30pm) is an opportunity to see exhibited their photographic mosaic’s and listen to their likes and dislikes as they visited each gallery. If you are in the area on the day come along and have a look.